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> to turn "mostly in terminal" oriented
> installed fluxbox onto ubuntu
> and even made toolbar disappear
> so now i have nothing but wallpaper as default
> 1st of all
> am looking for a terminal that has no frame around it
> so that it can look like floating on a wallpaper(or like a hole)
> and if i could take advantage of transparency it's lovely
> i mean a strict skeleton one so that if other app comes behind
> i want the terminal to be floating on it
> too greedy?
> and it would me nice if other apps could be also launched from this terminal
> and that app also got rid of frames
> any recommendation?
> it would be great if i could watch realplayer streams in this way..

You can make the window borders disappear from any window in Fluxbox.
Just make a "keys" file in ~/.fluxbox and make one of the settings, for
Mod4 t :ToggleDecor

That will make the borders disappear when you press the "Windows" key and
You can add others, of course - for instance I have
Mod4 m :MaximizeWindow
Mod4 v :MaximizeVertical
Mod4 h :MaximizeHorizontal
Mod4 g :ExecCommand gkrellm

... and so on. Information about this and other Fluxbox tweaks at

"INX Is Not X" based on Ubuntu 7.04 Live CD:
Screenshots slideshow:

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