FQDN Misery Re: To: Postfix, Mutt And No Root Mail? & amavisd-new Install

Leonard Chatagnier lenc5570 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Nov 9 00:13:21 UTC 2007

--- Derek Broughton <news at pointerstop.ca> wrote:

> Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> > --- Derek Broughton <news at pointerstop.ca> wrote:
> >> 
> >> and "hostname -f"?
> > chata at ubuntu:/etc$ hostname -f
> > ubuntu
> OK, I'm sure this is the problem.  
> >   I'm not sure what NIS (domainname) is for - but
> it's not
> >> a default part of your network settings.  Your
> >> by default, is afaik
> >> only defined by (a) the content of /etc/hosts
cat hosts is:
lchata at ubuntu:/etc$ cat hosts localhost ubuntu    ubuntu.gateway.2wire.net    ubuntu

> oops.  Sorry, I meant to write /etc/hostname. 
> Nevermind, though, you've got
> that part working.
I'm not sure:
lchata at ubuntu:/etc$ cat hostname
lchata at ubuntu:/etc$ hostname
Wht does the command and cat hostname differ?

> >  lchata at ubuntu:/etc$ cat hosts
> > localhost
> > ubuntu
> >    ubuntu
> Ohhh...  I don't think you can do that.  Is "ubuntu"
> supposed to map to
> or
I really don't know. If I changed the default it was
probably someone's suggestion when struggling to set
up sambe. AFAIK, the above is the default and I listed
what it is know after the changes. I indicated earlier
that hostname & domainname resolve to my computer IP
and name and my gateway/router IP respectively with no
errors on either.  Assuming it's now good although not
a legitimate domain.
> > and
> >> the search/domain setting
> >> of /etc/resolv.conf.
> > lchata at ubuntu:/etc$ cat resolv.conf
> > search gateway.2wire.net
> > nameserver
> >  
> > Ok, the above and what I posted suggested to me
> that:
> > "ubuntu.gateway.2wire.net."  
> But gateway.2wire.net doesn't seem to resolve,
> either, which is why NoOp is
> suggesting setting up a DDNS account.  
Not sure what you mean by resolve. As Indicated above,
hostname and domain name give no errors and point to
computr IP and router/gateway IP. Nslookup point to
the gateway and computer as above but the computer
also point to gateway as follows:
lchata at ubuntu:/etc$ sudo nslookup gateway.2wire.net

Name:   gateway.2wire.net

lchata at ubuntu:/etc$ sudo nslookup

Name:   ubuntu.gateway.2wire.net

lchata at ubuntu:/etc$ 
Which looks ok to me but WDIK.

> > as corrected by NoOp is 
> > what my FQDN should be but what I need to know and
> > don't is where to add it and how? Do I issue a
> command
> > for hosts or hostname or what. Or do I just nano
> into
> > some etc file and add the correct FQDN.
> Since it's only amavis that seems to be complaining,
> there's almost
> certainly somewhere in the amavis config where you
> can specify an FQDN, but
> I've never used it.
It's a web mail avscanner or like it from what I'v
read so far.

> Personally, I think you're trying to do too much. 
> Why don't you uninstall
> amavis, and get your mail working _first_.
I could but it's not fully installed or configured so
I don't think it's affecting anything. In it's broken
condition I may not be able to uninstall(not true,
apt* -f install will do it plus all the depends). If
it ain't hurting anything let's leave it. I know what
is keeping it from fully installing. There is no
/etc/mailname which the program depends on.  I asked
about this(if I should create it and add the FQDN or
if some program does it) but seen so answer yet. When
I find out how to get mailname, the amasisd-new will
install, I'm sure.
Thanks for the help; it's appreciated much.

Leonard Chatagnier
lenc5570 at sbcglobal.net

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