open office problem under compiz

Paul Kaplan pkaplan1 at
Sat Nov 3 11:38:59 UTC 2007

On a clean gutsy install I'm having some fatal behavior of OO under compiz.

First, unlike other programs, the title bar to OO applications isn't drawn at 
all; the top of every window is occupied by the menubar.  This makes it 
impossible to resize the window or move it around the screen.

Second, and more significantly, the menus will appear briefly when I click on 
their titles or select using Alt+<underlined letter>, but then they almost 
immediately disappear.  They are visible just long enough to catch a glimpse 
of what they contain, but no where near long enough to make a selection.

These problems aren't manifest under kwin, so it's clearly a problem in OO 
interacting with Compiz.

Any ideas how to solve?


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