Laptop + external LCD

Robert Aldridge bamarob55 at
Thu Nov 1 19:17:54 UTC 2007

Thanks, Gerard!

You have me on the right path.  I now have dual screen working.  Had to
change my 'virtual' setting in xorg.conf to 3600x1536 and issue 'xrandr
--output LVDS --left-of TMDS-1'.  Only problem now is that my Gnome panel
and taskbar are on the external (right) screen and I'll rather them be on
the internal (left, laptop) screen.

Any tips for making this a more permanent situation?  When I undock the
laptop, is it going to go back to my normal laptop display with the panel
and taskbar in the correct place and the resolution set correctly?  I guess
I shall see...

And, after I undock, if I plug it back into the dock, will it automagically
give me dual screen again?  Or, will I have to issue the xrandr command(s)


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