Laptop + external LCD

Robert Aldridge bamarob55 at
Thu Nov 1 19:24:28 UTC 2007

Silly me!  I simply had to drag the panel and taskbar to where I wanted
them...  <grin> /me slaps forehead!


On 11/1/07, Robert Aldridge <bamarob55 at> wrote:
> Thanks, Gerard!
> You have me on the right path.  I now have dual screen working.  Had to
> change my 'virtual' setting in xorg.conf to 3600x1536 and issue 'xrandr
> --output LVDS --left-of TMDS-1'.  Only problem now is that my Gnome panel
> and taskbar are on the external (right) screen and I'll rather them be on
> the internal (left, laptop) screen.
> Any tips for making this a more permanent situation?  When I undock the
> laptop, is it going to go back to my normal laptop display with the panel
> and taskbar in the correct place and the resolution set correctly?  I guess
> I shall see...
> And, after I undock, if I plug it back into the dock, will it
> automagically give me dual screen again?  Or, will I have to issue the
> xrandr command(s) again?
> Thanks,
> BamaRob
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