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I've it on the same chipset.

The magic bullet is xrandr. I don't seem to found the site from intel which
explains it in detail.

sudo xrandr -q to query the linked screens
sudo xrandr --auto to switch on all connected screens
sudo xrandr --output <screen1> --left-of (or right-of) <screen2>
sudo xrandr --output <screen> --pos 0x0

You need to add a 'virtual "horiz total size" "vert total size"' directive
to xorg.conf in order to allow to have separated desktop place.

You'll loose 3D effects, also.


On 11/1/07, Robert Aldridge <bamarob55 at> wrote:
> I've been running Ubuntu on a Dell Latitude D820 for a while now (started
> with 6.04, I think), but have never been able to get dual monitors working
> properly.  I was hopeful that the new tools I'd been hearing about in 7.10would make it easy to run dual head.  Unfortunately, I'm still having
> troubles.
> Here's my setup:
> Dell Latitude D820 laptop, Genuine Intel T2600 @ 2.16GHz, 2018 MiB RAM,
> Intel Mobile 945GM Express Integrated Graphics Controller
> <promp>lspci|grep 00:02
> 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS,
> 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)
> 00:02.1 Display controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS/GME,
> 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)
> The laptop screen runs natively at 1920x1200.  It has VGA and DVI out.  I
> have an Acer AL2216W 22" Widescreen LCD monitor that I'd like to extend my
> desktop on to.  However, all attempts at running dual screen have been
> unsuccessful.  I did have it, at one time (under 7.04), running where my
> desktop was cloned to the external LCD, but that dropped the resolution of
> my laptop monitor to the same resolution as the external.
> Since updating to 7.10, I haven't tried connecting the external LCD
> directly to the laptop.   I have a docking station (that may be part of my
> problem) that I'd like to leave the external LCD plugged into all the time.
> Then, when the laptop is docked into the station, I'd have the external LCD
> available along with the internal laptop LCD.  When undocked, it'd just run
> in single screen mode using the built in LCD.
> Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  I'd prefer to use the DVI
> port to drive the external LCD, but would certainly settle for VGA if DVI
> isn't possible.
> Any tips, suggestions, links?
> Thanks,
> BamaRob
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