Help requested - restore video setting 7.10

Terence Wong gup502 at
Thu Nov 1 13:05:21 UTC 2007

Hi All,

I need some help here.  I was running 7.10 on my laptop.  Today, I plug in the docking to an Apple Cinema Display 20".  It worked except the resolution is at 1024x768.  I went to system, administration and change the screen display setting for screen 1 to Apple.  Picked up Cinema Display and set to a high resolution.  I was then prompted to log off to take effect.  I followed but when the machine restarted, the external Apple monitor went blank.  The screen on the laptop went blank too.

I disconnected the external display and rebooted, I was greeted with the 'normal' login screen except it is all smeared in I guess higher resolution but I could not figure out where the login field was not to mention trying to login with a password.

I know there should be a way to log on to Ubuntu perhaps in text mode and log on as root and make restore the video format.

I am not too familiar with ubuntu, would someone show me how to overcome this?

Any help much appreciated.


With best regards,

Terence Wong
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