conky crashing my laptop

Michele m.zarri at
Thu Nov 1 12:34:03 UTC 2007


I have tried to use conky 1.4.8 on my Evo n610c (Pentium 4m, 1GiB RAM,
Mobility Radeon 7500) running Gutsy

The configuration is nothing too fancy, processor load, storage devices,
network. Unfortunately after a few seconds (sometimes a couple of minutes)
the system crashes beyond recover (I have to press the reset button).
Some more info:
- Up until the moment it crashes the information is displayed correctly.
- I tried to deactivate the desktop effects but does not seem to solve the
problem (still crashing)
- In one occasion when the keyboard kept working I accessed tty1 but could
not login

Has anybody experienced something similar (and found a solution :-) ) ?


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