privacy on Freenode IRC

Patrick Frank paddy.frank at
Tue May 29 13:43:30 UTC 2007

I am thankful that you guys care about the emotional aspects
of my situation and that you make good points regarding an
alternative to IRC.

But I am surprised that breaking privacy is obviously cool for
so many people, that nobody cares too much.

I am using OpenProjects.Net / Freenode.Net since about
5 years. And Google Mail was topic on all kinds of channels
so often that I lost interest in it long ago, but ...
... the main points of many, many people was the EULA of
Google Mail that could possibly be a risk for the privacy of

The people talked about a company like Google. And their
stock price would fall extremely if they did anything bad with
the private data of its users.

Here, we talk about Peer Directed Projects Center that is
tax exempt and taking donations from big companies and
popular open source projects. And for some unknown reason
something like privacy does not count. And to many people
it seems to be alright that Christel Dahlskjaer gives my
phone number to one of my offenders.

Tolerance is a very good thing if it comes to peaceful help
for beginners. And tolerance is important if one person less
is defaced and called a troll for expressing an uncomfortable
opinion. But I think there should be no tolerance for breaking
privacy of Freenode users.

Patrick Frank
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