privacy on Freenode IRC

Moniz Family john.moniz at
Tue May 29 16:44:59 UTC 2007

I have only just followed this thread a few posts ago, but I have to 
concur with you Patrick, giving out your phone number in that matter is 
a pretty serious breach of trust. In some countries, that would be 
breaking privacy laws. You have a right to be very peeved.


Patrick Frank wrote:
> I am thankful that you guys care about the emotional aspects
> of my situation and that you make good points regarding an
> alternative to IRC.
> But I am surprised that breaking privacy is obviously cool for
> so many people, that nobody cares too much.
> I am using OpenProjects.Net / Freenode.Net since about
> 5 years. And Google Mail was topic on all kinds of channels
> so often that I lost interest in it long ago, but ...
> ... the main points of many, many people was the EULA of
> Google Mail that could possibly be a risk for the privacy of
> users.
> The people talked about a company like Google. And their
> stock price would fall extremely if they did anything bad with
> the private data of its users.
> Here, we talk about Peer Directed Projects Center that is
> tax exempt and taking donations from big companies and
> popular open source projects. And for some unknown reason
> something like privacy does not count. And to many people
> it seems to be alright that Christel Dahlskjaer gives my
> phone number to one of my offenders.
> Tolerance is a very good thing if it comes to peaceful help
> for beginners. And tolerance is important if one person less
> is defaced and called a troll for expressing an uncomfortable
> opinion. But I think there should be no tolerance for breaking
> privacy of Freenode users.
> Patrick Frank

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