Feisty dialup connection problems

maxim wexler blissfix at yahoo.com
Sat May 26 21:28:11 UTC 2007

> Hi all,
> have just setup pppconfig on a new box with Feisty,
> It will dialup and 
> appears to connect, then after 5 seconds drops out.
> Have tried 2 external modems   same result.   Mother
> board doesn't have 
> builtin serial ports, so have a pci card
> with 2 serial ports, have tried both (ttyS2 and
> ttyS3 ) dials then  
> drops out.

Are you logging the attempts? If so, what does the log

Have you tried connecting with the LiveCD? I recall
having to do that first and using the info in some log
to tweak my pppconfig.


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