Shared Printers - Samba + cups-pdf

NoOp glgxg at
Fri May 25 02:16:02 UTC 2007

Since transitioning to Feisty from Dapper I have an interesting problem
regarding my printers:

  I have a single shared printer setup on this machine. It's a USB
printer (Canon MP750) that I share amongst 4 other Ubuntu machines (all
now running Feisty 7.04). Printing to the machine from all systems works
fine both via the new Feisty MP750 driver and the existing Turboprint
driver (although it took some uninstalling & reinstalling to get the
Turboprint driver working correctly).

Unfortunately, it seems that since 7.04 all of the printers on this
machine are now shared amongst the other machines. I can't seem to
figure out how to only share this printer, but not the other locally
installed virtual PDF printer, fax printer etc. Here is what happens:

1. Printers are set up on this machine - mostly via localhost:631 (cups)
as the System|Administration|Printers wizard doesn't seem to want to
allow me to delete old printers or add new ones properly.

2. Via localhost:631 I 'unpublish' my virtual PDF printer etc., and only
keep my MP750 published.

3. On the other 7.04 machines, they all pick up every printer on this
machine; the MP750, the virtual PDF printer, and the fax printer. That's
part of the problem; I only want them to pick up the MP750 and not the
other printers.

If I try to add a local virtual PDF printer to the second (or other
Ubuntu 7.04) machine via the System|Administration|Printers wizard, it
will not add a local PDF printer. (cupsys* and cups-pdf are intalled
just fine).

If I add a local virtual PDF printer back into this machine, it shows up
on the other machines, and I can print to it from those machines. But as
expected the print output goes back to this machines /PDF directory path.

This is odd as previously I had no problems setting up local printers
and direct virtual PDF printers on the other machines. Now it seems as
if they only home in on this machine and ignore any and all local settings.

Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?

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