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On 5/24/07, NoOp <glgxg at> wrote:
> Since transitioning to Feisty from Dapper I have an interesting problem
> regarding my printers:
>   I have a single shared printer setup on this machine. It's a USB
> printer (Canon MP750) that I share amongst 4 other Ubuntu machines (all
> now running Feisty 7.04). Printing to the machine from all systems works
> fine both via the new Feisty MP750 driver and the existing Turboprint
> driver (although it took some uninstalling & reinstalling to get the
> Turboprint driver working correctly).
> Unfortunately, it seems that since 7.04 all of the printers on this
> machine are now shared amongst the other machines. I can't seem to
> figure out how to only share this printer, but not the other locally
> installed virtual PDF printer, fax printer etc. Here is what happens:
> 1. Printers are set up on this machine - mostly via localhost:631 (cups)
> as the System|Administration|Printers wizard doesn't seem to want to
> allow me to delete old printers or add new ones properly.
> 2. Via localhost:631 I 'unpublish' my virtual PDF printer etc., and only
> keep my MP750 published.
> 3. On the other 7.04 machines, they all pick up every printer on this
> machine; the MP750, the virtual PDF printer, and the fax printer. That's
> part of the problem; I only want them to pick up the MP750 and not the
> other printers.

I am not using Feisty, but with both Edgy and Dapper, I have experienced
strange behavior and inconsistencies when using Cups'  web-based

If you type this command (on the PC where the virtual PDF printer and fax
printer are hosted):
$ lpoptions -p name_of_virtual_printer

What is the value of the 'printer-is-shared' option?

If it is '0', try restarting cupsys wait a couple minutes and the from one
of the other machines, try:
$ lpstat -p

Does the printer still show up on the remote PCs?

If it is '1', try manually changing the printer's 'Shared' directive to 'No'
in /etc/cups/printers.conf, restart cups, and try 'lpstat -p' again (from
another PC).

Does the printer still show up on the remote PCs?

If I try to add a local virtual PDF printer to the second (or other
> Ubuntu 7.04) machine via the System|Administration|Printers wizard, it
> will not add a local PDF printer. (cupsys* and cups-pdf are intalled
> just fine).
> If I add a local virtual PDF printer back into this machine, it shows up
> on the other machines, and I can print to it from those machines. But as
> expected the print output goes back to this machines /PDF directory path.
Assuming you get the sharing issue worked out, check to make sure the
cups-pdf URI and PPD exists on the other PCs where you want to set up the
virtual PDF printer:

$ lpinfo -v | grep pdf
   file cups-pdf:/    # expected output... use with -v option when adding
printer using lpadmin below

$ lpinfo -m | grep cups-pdf
cups-pdf/PostscriptColor.ppd Generic postscript color printer rev4   #
expected output... use with -m option when adding printer using lpadmin

Then to actually add the printer (subsitute 'PDF-Creator' with desired
$ lpadmin -p PDF-Creator -E -v cups-pdf:/ -m cups-pdf/PostscriptColor.ppd -u
allow:all -o printer-is-shared=no

Notice the -o option at the end of line... this will head off trouble before
it begins! :)

Let me know if this helps.

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