Can't Burn CDs in VMware Player (Feisty)

Jonathan McLoughlin jonathan.mcloughlin at
Thu May 17 11:27:05 UTC 2007

You are using a virtual HW within your guest
you need to create a new CDROM device that will

+ Use physical drive:
+ Location: Host
+ Connect exclusively to this virtual machine
- (No) Legacy Emulation

On 5/17/07, Steven Pasternak <stevenp500 at> wrote:
> Hi. I installed Win2k SP4 in VMware player (1.0.2 from feisty), and
> iTunes won't burn. It gives me a 4310 error. I know this probably isn't
> the best list, but every google search I've tried were just reports of
> how great it works. For me, it does see the drive and blank media
> correctly (all of it does work on linux), but just won't burn it. Please
> don't argue about how evil iTunes and DRM is (I had a gift card I didn't
> want to waste). If anybody has any idea what could be wrong with this,
> your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
> -Steven
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