Can't Burn CDs in VMware Player (Feisty)

Steven Pasternak stevenp500 at
Wed May 16 23:16:15 UTC 2007

Hi. I installed Win2k SP4 in VMware player (1.0.2 from feisty), and 
iTunes won't burn. It gives me a 4310 error. I know this probably isn't 
the best list, but every google search I've tried were just reports of 
how great it works. For me, it does see the drive and blank media 
correctly (all of it does work on linux), but just won't burn it. Please 
don't argue about how evil iTunes and DRM is (I had a gift card I didn't 
want to waste). If anybody has any idea what could be wrong with this, 
your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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