Deja-Vu fonts in OpenOffice (Feisty) plus slow to pull up fonts

Doug Morrison-Cleary lists at
Tue May 15 15:01:19 UTC 2007

Clean install of Feisty the other day and after installing various
fonts started up OOo.

Discovered that I am now missing the Deja-Vu condensed fonts (both
serif and sans-serif) except that the Oblique font in each of Sans and
Serif has been replaced in the list by the Condensed Oblique. I can
access the separate condensed and normal fonts everywhere else that I
have tried.

Also, if I go to the fonts tab when working with a style, its takes
seconds for the tab to draw. Same time whether Fonts History and Fonts
Preview is checked or unchecked in Options --> View.

Has anyone else noticed these problems? Is this an OOo bug or something


PS: Feisty on i386 architecture, nothing compiled from source, OOo is

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