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squareyes squareyes at
Thu May 17 11:52:38 UTC 2007

David B Teague wrote:
> I believe Lilypond a command driven program.  Rosegarden is a GUI 
> front-end for Lilypond. See:
> BTW Wow. I hadn't looked at Rosegarden recently. It is better than I 
> rememberd. You certainly should look at this program.
> David Teague
> Ask me about Double Bass tuned in fifths
Hi all,
many thanks to those who responded to my query,
I have installed Rosegarden, and it looks very nice. Am on dial up, and 
to install lilypond and dependencies
would take a long time.

It opens up with error
The Rosegarden sequencer could not be started, so sound and recording 
will be unavailable for this session.
For assistance with correct audio and MIDI configuration, go to  ,
so will head off to and check that out. I 
don't really want it to actually
play anything, just to get lines of music written to help with my very 
bad short term memory :-)

Thanks again
Take Care

Happiness is a Flugel Horn

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