Mouse drift on Dell Latitude c840 running Feisty 7.04

Adam M ubuntu at
Mon May 14 18:18:53 UTC 2007

Hi Albert,

Thanks for the reply.

It may be that I'm naive, but if this truly a pervasive issue across
operating systems for multiple models of Dell Latitude laptops, it seems
that Dell would have big problems. To your knowledge, have they
acknowledged this hardware issue? Is this something they can repair?
This laptop is long since out of warranty, but I'd rather pay to get
repaired rather than buy a brand new laptop.

Thanks again,

On Mon, 14 May 2007 13:56:50 -0400, "Albert Charron"
<albert at> said:
> I have a Dell Latitude C600 running Feisty and XP in dualboot.  Both 
> OSes have the same issues.  I also had the problem with Windows 2000 and 
> Mandriva Linux on this machine.  The problem seems to come from the flat 
> cable that connects the touchpad to the motherboard.  I also have a 
> problem with my keyboard (same connector type).  Pushing against the 
> handrest seems to temporarily fix the problem...

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