cannot install to certain machine (live/alternate/7.04/6.06)

NoOp glgxg at
Sun May 13 00:40:39 UTC 2007

On 05/12/2007 02:43 AM, Gabriel Dragffy wrote:

>> I have never ran an operating system on the computer, so I do not even
>> have Windows to fall back to (not like I want to).  I do have other
>> computers in the house, though.  Please, will anyone help?
> To my mind there are only two things that could be at fault. I have had
> systems run very well with a live CD, but then the installer kept
> crashing out - the problem being faulty RAM. Other than that, it makes
> sense that if the Live CD works well, but when you try to install it
> breaks, the hard drive is at fault. The LiveCD never touches the hard
> drive *unless* you are installing. That's my penny's worth anyhow!

Nope. I've not yet been able to install Feisty from the Live CD. I've
only been able to install from the Alternate CD - 4 systems so far & all
hardware is working just fine. All are old systems (650Mhz & slower
w/256MB) but with perfectly working hardware.

I typically install only from the Alternate CD anyway so this hasn't
been a problem (with me).

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