cannot install to certain machine (live/alternate/7.04/6.06)

Paul S paulatgm at
Sat May 12 13:48:21 UTC 2007

Solomon Herscovitch said the following on 05/12/2007 09:28 AM:
> Xubuntu Feisty LiveCD.  The live environment works great: it detects
> Nvidia graphics, sound, WiFi, etc, and runs really well.
> BUT, when I run the installer application, the installer just
> *vanishes* at a certain point.

Did you give enough time (maybe 30 minutes) for it to complete it's 
task.  Sometimes it will hang for a while and then resume if you wait a 
while.  How fast is your pc.  If you have a slow processor, it may take 
a very long time.

You can also search the bug database at to see if your 
particular problem is being worked on.


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