Problem with ethernet

Michael S. Peek peek at
Thu May 10 15:44:56 UTC 2007

Bill Marcum wrote:
> The 169.254 address probably comes from zeroconf.  This is a protocol 
> that allows computers to set their own IP address in a network without a 
> DHCP server. You should probably remove it if you don't intend to use 
> it.  By the way, did you choose the static IP address, or did you get it 
> from your ISP?

I got it the old fashioned way -- I stole it!  From one of my desktops 
that's currently down for repairs.

Normally I would get my address from DHCP, but I wanted to remove the 
DHCP variable from the equation until I knew for a fact that the device 
still worked.  I figure if I can't get it to work via static either then 
DHCP is not to blame.


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