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Wed May 9 21:06:37 UTC 2007

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Liam Proven wrote:
> On 08/05/07, Brian Fahrlander <brian at> wrote:
>>     Yeah, it'll boot FC4/5 (now that I've given up Redhat for
>> brain-dead) and it's running Voyager Linux right now.  It's picky. :<
> FC5 is about to go out of support, I believe. Mind you, I have been
> using Linux for 10y and Unix for 20, and I've yet to even persuade
> Fedora to install on a single machine. I am *Not* *Impressed*. Not
> even a rolling beta, IMHO, it's an alpha if that.

    Well, no I meant the motherboard.  In fact, three motherboards that
won't run Ubuntu Dapper.  All with the Intel chipset, all in a pile
waiting to head to the trash.  I'm just not going back to Redhat again.

    But, raging about that, being disconnected from the net on my only
night off, a broken lamp switch, the almost-impossible situation of
living on $5,500 a year and having no future for the next six years
while I slowly pay off this child support made it a wonderful
night...and explains why I didn't get back to you sooner on this message.

> You might try an in-car PC case & a miniITX board based on a Via CPU.
> That might get you there. I'm not very /au fait/ with PC104 but I
> think that they're not powerful enough to run any modern distro.

    Yeah, I forgot to mention what kicked off this 24H of bliss; I was
waiting on a bid on eBay for a EPIA-800 card, 2G flash, and power
supply...and not only did I sleep through the end of the bidding because
I work third shift, but I was cut off from the net, because my ISP takes
3 days to get whatever money I send them from the bank.

    But what a sweet deal; enough power to use Dapper unabashed, all
kinds of I/O, a perfect match for my one-wire adapter, ready to go, and
it sold for only $150; the parts total would have been over $200. But
lately that's the way I'm told "you can look, but not touch".  It's
getting old, and so am I.

    But thanks for the information; sorry I couldn't respond earlier.
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