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Thu May 10 03:49:48 UTC 2007

On 09/05/07, Brian Fahrlander <brian at> wrote:
>     Well, no I meant the motherboard.  In fact, three motherboards that
> won't run Ubuntu Dapper.  All with the Intel chipset, all in a pile
> waiting to head to the trash.  I'm just not going back to Redhat again.


Well, I'm guessing from what else you're saying that you're in
America, so I'd suggest that you don't just bin working kit. If
there's a local Freecycle group, put them on there, or better still
see if you have a local charity along the lines of ComputerAid
International or Computers4Africa and donate them there.

>     But, raging about that, being disconnected from the net on my only
> night off, a broken lamp switch, the almost-impossible situation of
> living on $5,500 a year and having no future for the next six years
> while I slowly pay off this child support made it a wonderful
> night...and explains why I didn't get back to you sooner on this message.

Sounds pretty rough. I wish you luck getting out of it!

>     Yeah, I forgot to mention what kicked off this 24H of bliss; I was
> waiting on a bid on eBay for a EPIA-800 card, 2G flash, and power
> supply...and not only did I sleep through the end of the bidding because
> I work third shift, but I was cut off from the net, because my ISP takes
> 3 days to get whatever money I send them from the bank.

Last time I had that was in February. I was cut off for 6 weeks, though.

>     But what a sweet deal; enough power to use Dapper unabashed, all
> kinds of I/O, a perfect match for my one-wire adapter, ready to go, and
> it sold for only $150; the parts total would have been over $200. But
> lately that's the way I'm told "you can look, but not touch".  It's
> getting old, and so am I.

I know that feeling all too well!

>     But thanks for the information; sorry I couldn't respond earlier.


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