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Tue May 8 12:52:19 UTC 2007

On 08/05/07, Brian Fahrlander <brian at> wrote:

>     Yeah, it'll boot FC4/5 (now that I've given up Redhat for
> brain-dead) and it's running Voyager Linux right now.  It's picky. :<

FC5 is about to go out of support, I believe. Mind you, I have been
using Linux for 10y and Unix for 20, and I've yet to even persuade
Fedora to install on a single machine. I am *Not* *Impressed*. Not
even a rolling beta, IMHO, it's an alpha if that.

> > I don't think you have a P3-300. If I remember correctly the slowest
> > P3 was about 500MHz - the fastest P2 was 450. If it has 2 x 300MHz
> > chips, then they are P2s, which is a shame, as the P2 at <350MHz used
> > a 66MHz frontside bus and was a *lot* slower than the 350 or better.
>     You're right; that's a typo, sorry: P2/300,  It's a Tyan Thunder card.


>     Personally, I'd just love to find a PC104 machine (small size, +5V
> feed, expandability) that will run Dapper for under $100.  Heck, I might
> go $200.  I love the packaging system, the clear and easy
> administration, and not having to get used to another distro.  And UL
> should be just that.  I was hoping to fiddle with this fine old card to
> play with it and maybe create a disk image I could take with me.

You might try an in-car PC case & a miniITX board based on a Via CPU.
That might get you there. I'm not very /au fait/ with PC104 but I
think that they're not powerful enough to run any modern distro.

As for the rest, I really don't know. I don't own a car or a GPS unit.

>     Thanks for your help, though!


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