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Liam Proven wrote:
> On 07/05/07, Brian Fahrlander <brian at> wrote:

> My home server is a dual P2-400 running Ubuntu Server. 256MB RAM, 2GB
> boot disk, 5 * 40GB RAID5, 3xCD changer.
> It can be done!

    Yeah, it'll boot FC4/5 (now that I've given up Redhat for
brain-dead) and it's running Voyager Linux right now.  It's picky. :<

> I don't think you have a P3-300. If I remember correctly the slowest
> P3 was about 500MHz - the fastest P2 was 450. If it has 2 x 300MHz
> chips, then they are P2s, which is a shame, as the P2 at <350MHz used
> a 66MHz frontside bus and was a *lot* slower than the 350 or better.

    You're right; that's a typo, sorry: P2/300,  It's a Tyan Thunder card.

> Do you want to use it as a server or a workstation? Given that it was
> happy with RH, if a server, try CentOS. If a workstation, try Fedora.

    Personally, I'd just love to find a PC104 machine (small size, +5V
feed, expandability) that will run Dapper for under $100.  Heck, I might
go $200.  I love the packaging system, the clear and easy
administration, and not having to get used to another distro.  And UL
should be just that.  I was hoping to fiddle with this fine old card to
play with it and maybe create a disk image I could take with me.

    The goal is to

    1, have it run a daemon of GPSDrive, called gpsd. listening to the
GPS wherever the trailer is, and every minute that it finds itself at
new coordinates, it writes them down. (Breadcrumbs).

   2. Check battery levels and power things down if need be

   3. Read various temperatures in the craft and suggest hardware do
something about it

   4. Check door switches and send some kind of alarm if it's opening,
and it should be closed.

    It's not anything high-cpu...and I've seen some hardware that could
easily pull it off. I just haven't seen it lately. And the Tyan board
would let me start tinkering...

    Thanks for your help, though!
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