BitTorrent client problem/reccomendations

Dae Won Ron Conrad angelbeast at
Tue May 8 08:46:04 UTC 2007

Hi. I am pretty new to Linux, and Ubuntu. and i am having the worst time
with downloading torrents. I switched from WinXP and on there i ws
getting great speeds with Azureus.On Uuntu however I'm getting awful
speed's no matter which client i try. Aurues worked on windows without
having to forward any port or anything which i what i need since i don't
have access to the router. I wa getting speeds of 100-300 or even l
little more at time. I've been tinkering a little and i think Azureus
might work after all but during the port test it always fails. How do i
fix this?I tried adding a BotTorrent policy to the firewall but it had
no effect. Thanks in advance for any help...
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