Watching videos Yahoo News! - Linux offically unsupported

Joseph mangg at
Tue May 1 16:23:30 UTC 2007

Hello Everyone,

  Dotan is right on this.  We have to remind these
companies that we want Linux officially supported. 
Personally, I have written to Yahoo Customer Support
over a half dozen times to no avail on the support
issue.  Seems like they don't want to support Linux on
Mail/My Yahoo or anything else for that matter.  I
reminded them that as a paying (premium mail) customer
I wanted support for FOSS operating systems.  The
ultimate irony is that these behemoth providers such
as Yahoo, Google, etc all run Free and Open Software
as part of their core infrastructure!  They should be
the first ones to be supporting US the community that
gives them so much.   

  Does anyone have a contact over at Yahoo corporate
that I could get in touch with?  


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Until now I have not sound a video news website that
works with Linux.
Today I discovered that Yahoo news video works! I
encourage everyone
to visit Yahoo, and to support them as they support
us. Make sure that
your http referer shows that you're on Linux:

Dotan Cohen

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