Watching videos Yahoo News! - Linux offically unsupported

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Tue May 1 16:39:04 UTC 2007

On 01/05/07, Joseph <mangg at> wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
>   Dotan is right on this.  We have to remind these
> companies that we want Linux officially supported.
> Personally, I have written to Yahoo Customer Support
> over a half dozen times to no avail on the support
> issue.  Seems like they don't want to support Linux on
> Mail/My Yahoo or anything else for that matter.  I
> reminded them that as a paying (premium mail) customer
> I wanted support for FOSS operating systems.  The
> ultimate irony is that these behemoth providers such
> as Yahoo, Google, etc all run Free and Open Software
> as part of their core infrastructure!  They should be
> the first ones to be supporting US the community that
> gives them so much.
>   Does anyone have a contact over at Yahoo corporate
> that I could get in touch with?
> Thanks,
> Joe

Although I hardly ever use it anymore, my Yahoo mail works fine in
Firefox. I'm using the old interface, but even when I tested the new
'beta' interface it worked fine. I hated it, though.

Dotan Cohen

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