SpamAssassin under Feisty - SOLVED

Scott Lockwood scott at
Thu Mar 29 19:27:15 UTC 2007

On Thu, 2007-03-29 at 12:39 -0500, Scott Lockwood wrote:
> While reading the other thread about SA, I noticed that I was no longer
> using it after my upgrade. So, I reinstalled it, and all the associated
> packages, set enabled= to 1 in /etc/default/spamassassin, and upon
> starting, or restarting /etc/init.d/spamassassin I now get:
> scott at scott-640m:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/spamassassin restart
> Restarting SpamAssassin Mail Filter Daemon: [7845] error: no connection
> to syslog available
> [7845] error:  - /dev/log is not a socket
> at /usr/share/perl5/Mail/SpamAssassin/Logger/ line 80
> spamd.
> Shouldn't it set that up if needed, or is that something I need to do
> manually? If so, how - I've never done that before.

FYI: I was able to fix this by runing 'sudo /etc/init.d/sysklogd

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