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Andy stude.list at
Sun Mar 18 15:03:30 UTC 2007

On 18/03/07, Chris <racerx at> wrote:
> m4p - the music files you purchase and download from iTunes. These are
> the files that are DRM.

I am not an expert on this format, but if the content is encrypted
won't you need the decryption keys? I doubt this would have been
stored with the file. Its more likely stored with the iTunes data,
possibly in the registry. There was a program to decrypt iTunes files,
but it had to be run from within Windows, presumably for that reason.

> At this point, I do have the whole 17 gig worth of my iTunes on DVD.
> I'll have to wait for some wizard out there to either come up with a
> version of iTunes that works under Linux, or wait for an app that will
> rid the m4p's of the protection. *Sigh*

Well if you will insist on using a proprietary format this is the risk
you take. That one day access to your files may be withheld from you.

Is there a reason you didn't burn them as an audio CD? Or even burnt
as an audio CD and re-ripped to MP3?

The world would be a better place if people just realised now DRM is
pointless, it only affects legal users, the people who copy music
don't have DRM on it anyway, they strip it first. Of course it is
possible (probably) Apple knows this and the sole reason for using DRM
is to engage in legally questionable anti-competitive practice.


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