old laptop to backup photos while on vacation?

Chanchao custom at freenet.de
Wed Mar 14 04:57:41 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-03-14 at 00:36 -0400, J F wrote:

> Maybe a little off topic, but I'm going on vacation
> and want to use the 
> old laptop to backup photos while on vacation.
> But the old laptop has a 4 GB hard disk and a pathetic 16M of memory.

> But I could:

Yes, you could.  Keeping a firm grip on yourself though, even after you
manage to get something installed in text mode, and get USB ports and
such working, then you'd have, what, 3.5 Gb available for pictures?

I'd say it would be a (#$*&#&(*(#! of a lot easier to just go grab one
or two 2Gb SD cards / Memory sticks.

Also, chances are that wherever you're going, there will be photo shops
or internet cafes where you can burn a CD or DVD... 

I'd say those options are a lot more practical than flogging your dead
16Mb horse, AND then lugging it around with you all the time! :)


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