reoccuring kernel panic after update.

Catsquotl C.atsquotl at
Wed Mar 14 05:56:45 UTC 2007


I`ve reinstalled Ubuntu edgy 3 times now.
twice from the "normal" distro and once from the alternate cd.

every time i do the standard update packages. I can`t boot.
The boot process ends in a kernel panic.
[0] kernel panic. not syncing trying to kill init.

just before that there is enough hex code to fill my screen. so i can`t 
read anything that might be useful as to why the kernel is panicking.

Even the former kernel will give this error after the upgrade so my 
guess is. some file is changed that is needed at boottime.
How can i figure out witch file that is..
Also is it possible to somehow scroll through the messages left on 
screen at boottime? Maybe a boot option i haven`t found yet?
I don`t see an obvious panic.log in /var/log....

any help would be appreciated.

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