Feisty + resolution problems

Ed Smits ed.smits at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 14:29:56 UTC 2007

Installed Feisty on my Dell D610 laptop, no problems, it recognised my
ATI Radeon M300 card and set me up for 1400x1050 resolution on the
laptop screen. Brought it to work, plugged into my replicator with the
21" flat panel, can't get my usual 1600x1200 resolution. No problem,
this usually happens with a new, clean install. As with other clean
installs (Dapper, Edgy etc) I opened xorg.conf, added 1600x1200,
restarted X, however this time it didn't work, I'm still stuck at
1400x1050, and it isn't offered in the Screen Resolution GUI, just
1400x1050 and all the smaller ones. I've tried everything I can think
of, even to the point of deleteing all entries other than 1600x1200
from xorg.conf, no difference.

Any ideas? I know it is reading the file - I added some incorrect sync
rates and had to manually edit the file from a terminal session before
I could start X again....

Otherwise Feisty is a blast and I can't wait for the final release next month.


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