Feisty + resolution problems

Ed Smits ed.smits at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 15:31:51 UTC 2007

I fixed my main problem, I can now get 1600x1200 on my flat panel
external monitor. I installed the aticonfig package and initialised
it, rebooted.

Still no 1600x1200, so I manually added it to my xorg.conf file,
restarted X, and it came up correctly. However it looked "shabby" for
some reason - did some checking, fglrxinfo was    showing that I was
running MESA, not ATI, and I had a weird horizontal line following my
cursor around, usually coloured as whatever I first clicked on, very
odd. As well, the Screen Resolution GUI reported that I was actually
in 1400x1050...

Anyway, as a last ditch idea I added

   Section "Extensions"
           Option      "Composite" "0"

to the end of xorg.conf, restarted X, and almost all is good -
fglrxinfo reports that i'm using ATI, no more ghost lines following me
around, glxgears shows better numbers than before etc.

2 things still wrong, although I can live with that:

1) Screen Resolution still shows me at 1400x1050 and doesn't offer
1600x1200 - I may log into KDE later and see if their screen utilities
show the same

2) Desktop Effects aren't enabled any more, they were after
installation, but frankly the wobbly effect was making me queasy,
won't miss them.


On 3/7/07, Ed Smits <ed.smits at gmail.com> wrote:
> Installed Feisty on my Dell D610 laptop, no problems, it recognised my
> ATI Radeon M300 card and set me up for 1400x1050 resolution on the
> laptop screen. Brought it to work, plugged into my replicator with the
> 21" flat panel, can't get my usual 1600x1200 resolution. No problem,
> this usually happens with a new, clean install. As with other clean
> installs (Dapper, Edgy etc) I opened xorg.conf, added 1600x1200,
> restarted X, however this time it didn't work, I'm still stuck at
> 1400x1050, and it isn't offered in the Screen Resolution GUI, just
> 1400x1050 and all the smaller ones. I've tried everything I can think
> of, even to the point of deleteing all entries other than 1600x1200
> from xorg.conf, no difference.
> Any ideas? I know it is reading the file - I added some incorrect sync
> rates and had to manually edit the file from a terminal session before
> I could start X again....
> Otherwise Feisty is a blast and I can't wait for the final release next month.
> ED

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