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musicman wrote:
> Hola,
> I wanted to make a "shared" folder that all logins on my LAN could see
> over samba (for macs, linux and XP) in which I can put our
> music/movies....

    I'm doing that, here, though I share it with NFS, the idea's the same.

> So I have a number of questions:
> 1. where? I was thinking either /home (/home/data) or /usr/local/share
> (/usr/local/share/data)but I also toyed with the idea of creating a
> /data folder at the root level.

    I use /shares.  There's no need nesting it deeply if the perms are
right, but you still can, it just seems to complicate things.

> 2. What perms? I tried creating the /data at root (since deleted) with
> owner root and group axxs2all (which all users belong to), but I
> couldn't cd into it??? I had also chmod'd the folder as drw_rw_rw_ but
> that didn't help.

    I have a "members" group for all users, an "adult" or "parent" group
for limiting some files, and all files have my own ID, since I'm the
librarian.  This way everyone can get to it as a member of the group,
and I don't have to fuss with too many perms.

    The directories have to have the "execute all" permission for you to
descend into them.  Anyplace someone is expected to drop off files, I
make'em SetGroupID and sticky; then they can't be removed, and they are
assigned the same group as the directory.

> I have plenty of room on my partition, but no "spare" partition as such.

    Speaking from experience, it's nice having a disk that, should
catastrophe hit, is not sharing the root.  Better yet, make it a raided
pair of drives and don't waste money on hardware raid for such a small
application.  It makes them reliable, faster, and you'll sleep better.

> I'm very much not used to only having sudo, instead of plain old root...

    Yeah, I started with Fortune (AT*T) Unix in 1989; when I'm the
admin, it seems like a habit that's hard to break.  But rather than type
sudo before each command and hope it hasn't timed out, I just "sudo -i"
and roll up my sleeves.  For the protection it provides, it's worth it.


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