Puzzling over bastille install

Brian Lunergan ff809 at ncf.ca
Tue Jan 23 01:28:44 UTC 2007

Jeffrey F. Bloss wrote:
> Brian Lunergan wrote:
>> 2) When I type bastille into a terminal window it grumps about not
>> finding a Perl Tk module needed for the interface to run. If a
>> graphic form is available I'd prefer to go that route. The error
>> gives a URL where the file can presumably be found, but I have no
>> idea which file I'm in need of or where to drop it in when and if I
>> do find it. Suggestions, anyone?
> The Perl Tk or GTK modules are what will provide the graphic interface
> you're looking for. According to the Bastille web site it can use
> libgtk-perl or perl-tk. Both of those can be found in the Universe
> repository along with Bastille, but don't resolve as a dependency so
> they're not "forced". I'm assuming that means Bastille has some sort of
> other interface available. Probably curses (bastille-curses ??), but
> I've never used it.
> Anyway, if you go back into Synaptic, search for Bastille and *right*
> click on it, you'll see a couple extra options towards the bottom of
> that menu. One is "Suggested", the other is "Recommended". libgtk-perl
> and perl-tk are on the "Recommended" menu. 

Hi ho:

Went back in and found those menu entries. Just because I could I picked up 
everything on the suggested and recommended menu lists that wasn't greyed out. 
Nice and cleanly on so I punch 'sudo bastille -n' into a terminal window and try 
things out. Interesting and educational in its own way, but I reran it with the 
revert option and then pulled it back off. Opens with two error lines indicating 
it doesn't see my setup as a stable release so it backs itself off to 3.0 (a 
prior version number I presume). When I go through the process and choose apply, 
it throws several errors that there are files it can't find, or do whatever to, 
or access. Not too useful a situation so for now I will lay it aside and perhaps 
come back to it later when I have a newer release laid on that it will hopefully 
see as stable so it doesn't have to 's-p-e-a-k s-l-o-w-l-y' to my system as an 
earlier edition of itself.

Speaking of updating, the update tool is prompting me about moving to the LTS 
(dapper drake??) edition. I doubt doing it by download would be advisable on 
dialup so I requested the CD... of Kubuntu. As interesting as Gnome is, I can't 
say I've found it as intuitive to work with as I was hoping for. OTOH, Kde seems 
a more likely matchup. I think I will just sit by and read the posts for a 
little while until the disk shows up and I can do an install to try things out.

Brian Lunergan
Nepean, Ontario

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