Puzzling over bastille install

Jeffrey F. Bloss jbloss at tampabay.rr.com
Tue Jan 23 04:15:16 UTC 2007

Brian Lunergan wrote:


> > Anyway, if you go back into Synaptic, search for Bastille and
> > *right* click on it, you'll see a couple extra options towards the
> > bottom of that menu. One is "Suggested", the other is
> > "Recommended". libgtk-perl and perl-tk are on the "Recommended"
> > menu. 
> Hi ho:
> Went back in and found those menu entries. Just because I could I
> picked up everything on the suggested and recommended menu lists that
> wasn't greyed out. Nice and cleanly on so I punch 'sudo bastille -n'

The grayed out entries should have been what's already installed...

> into a terminal window and try things out. Interesting and
> educational in its own way, but I reran it with the revert option and
> then pulled it back off. Opens with two error lines indicating it
> doesn't see my setup as a stable release so it backs itself off to

Interesting. What Ubuntu/Debian version are you running? I've never
actually installed Bastille but I hear good things about it and was
considering a closer look for my laptop (Edgy).

It's good to know that you had no trouble with the revert and uninstall
process too. Bastille claims it will be painless of course, but I've
known dentists who said the same thing...

> Speaking of updating, the update tool is prompting me about moving to
> the LTS (dapper drake??) edition. I doubt doing it by download would
> be advisable on dialup so I requested the CD... of Kubuntu. As
> interesting as Gnome is, I can't say I've found it as intuitive to
> work with as I was hoping for. OTOH, Kde seems a more likely matchup.
> I think I will just sit by and read the posts for a little while
> until the disk shows up and I can do an install to try things out.

I'd say they're all intuitive once you get to know your way around. :)

I prefer the cleaner an leaner appearance of Gnome myself. The default
KDE themes look a little "cartoonish" in my unimportant opinion. I like
small, consistent, and uncluttered. Nothing makes me cringe more than
sitting in the library or wherever, glancing over at a Windows enslaved
neighbor, and seeing a desktop polluted with 187 shortcuts and a
color scheme that stretches the moral boundraries of "truecolor".


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