dual boot - xp behaves strange

Clive Menzies clive at clivemenzies.co.uk
Sat Jan 20 21:50:27 UTC 2007

On (20/01/07 12:04), Rares Vernica wrote:
> I ran "find /boot/grub/stage1" in grub console and the result was 
> (hd0,0). I think this means that grub is installed on the first 
> partition. The first partition is the Ubuntu partition.
> Now, if I install grub on MBR, will I end up having 2 grubs?
> Btw, just to clarify, I can boot both operating systems (Windows and 
> Ubuntu). The problem is that when I boot Windows, it disables to boot 
> flag from the Ubuntu partition. So, in order to be able to boot Ubuntu 
> again, I use "diskpart" in Windows and set back the boot flag on the 
> Ubuntu partition.
> I would prefer a solution where I don't have to install any of the systems.

This is probably something you don't want to hear but it is always
advisable to install Windows on the first partition.  It doesn't seem to
like being relegated to subsequent partitions.

There are probably work arounds but I'm not familiar with them :(

An easier option: create a grub boot floppy and keep it in the drive.



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