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Mike Payson mike at
Wed Jan 17 02:15:37 UTC 2007

I tried booting with the Feisty Fawn install CD out of curiosity, and I had
the same problem. Further troubleshooting leads me to wonder if this is in
fact a video card issue. It seems to be related to the mouse somehow, though
I could be wrong. If I don't touch the mouse, it crashes almost as soon as
the tan screen comes up. If I move the mouse, it makes it much further along
the process, sometimes making it as far as the desktop being displayed. Once
it crashes, it crashes hard, with even the clock stopping,
ctrl-alt-backspace doesn't work, nor any other command key sequences I've
tried (Are there others I should be trying?). One final thing that I just
noticed: At least under Feisty Fawn, once it crashes the caps lock and
scroll lock keys begin flashing, the num lock key is off. Is that some sort
of diagnostic message?


On 1/15/07, Mike Payson < mike at> wrote:
> >
> > I'm trying to install Ubuntu 6.1. When I boot from the installer CD the
> > system completely locks up sometime between the tan background first coming
> > up (before the x splash screen) and a few seconds after the desktop is
> > displayed. Using the text based installer worked fine, but the fresh
> > installation has the exact same problem. I'm guessing it's a video driver
> > issue (I have an nvidia 6600gt). After asking on IRC, I installed a command
> > prompt system and attempted to install the nvidia drivers at the command
> > prompt using 'sudo apt-get install linux-restricted-modules-`uname -r`'
> > which worked fine, but when I tried to run 'sudo nvidia-glx-config enable' I
> > got file not found. I also tried booting Ubuntu 6.06 and kubuntu 6.1with the same result, but SimplyMEPIS runs fine so I tend to doubt it is a
> > hardware issue.
> >
> > So I have a few different questions:
> > 1) Is there a way to force the installation of the nVidia driver at
> > install time in the text installer?
> > 2) If not, can someone give me better info on how to install the nvidia
> > drivers from the command prompt?
> > 3) If #2, once the drivers are installed, how do I upgrade to the
> > regular install from the command prompt only?
> >
> > I should add that I'm also having trouble getting my networking working
> > (the text installer at least seems to have problems with wireless
> > networking), so solutions like envy won't really help me. Other then that,
> > any suggestions you might have are appreciated. I'm reasonably Linux savvy,
> > but a year or two out of practice.
> >
> > Thanks for your help!
> > Mike
> >
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