error messages installing .deb file

Yagnesh Desai ynd at
Wed Jan 10 12:15:16 UTC 2007

Dear Weaver;

Best place to look for the executable file is
under "files' tab of "Synaptic Package Manager"

Just start Synaptic: select your package and
then go to the files list. Here you may have to
guess but if you have used the software earlier
you can makeout which one is the executable for
Network manager.

Do document your version of the offline procedure
its always easy to share. While many of the first
time users will try ubuntu without internet connection
and they are always surprised with .mp3 not working
and instead of going into detail of why it is not
working they just abandon the Linux. Hence for first timer
I always recommend MEPIS.

All the Best.

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Subject: Re: error messages installing .deb file
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Someone told me how to install .deb packages off-line using the sudo
dpkg but you are right about some people assuming everyone is connected
to the Internet which is why everyone just seems to get pointed in the
direction of the Ubuntu Repos.
Now I have run all the packages where does Ubuntu put the executeable
file for Network Manager?
I looked under the Administration but could only find Network tools and
network settings I think so it was either there all the time or it is
well hidden or I didn't need to install the packages as it was there by
default.I am running Ubuntu Edgy.

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