Final missing pieces

Bjørn Ingmar Berg bjorn.ingmar.berg at
Mon Jan 8 18:45:50 UTC 2007

A tiny bit of input that might help...

On 08/01/07, John Dangler <jdangler at> wrote:
> (3) Sound.  For some reason, I get different symptoms on different
> systems.  The laptop works sometimes with flash, others not.  The
> desktop doesn't work at all with flash.  There are times using skype on
> the laptop that the sound just quits, necessitating a restart of Gnome.
> Sound on the desktop in skype is non-existent.

According to someone I chatted with on #ubuntu the sound quitting in
Skype is a known bug.  (Perhaps I should say /was/ as this was before
the midwinter fest.)

> (4) My laptop has ipw2100 wireless.  I travelled to 5 different cities
> over the last 6 months, and, after a bit of configuring with eth1, it
> worked fine in most of those locations, including airports.  However, at
> home - it always recognizes the network but never signs on.

I too had all kinds of hassle related to WLAN.  Until I installed

Good luck!  Regards,
Bjørn Ingmar Berg


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