Final missing pieces

John Dangler jdangler at
Mon Jan 8 17:53:14 UTC 2007

I've been running Ubuntu 5.10 and now 6.06 LTS on my desktop, laptop,
and server.  I decided to switch off of M$ for a variety of reasons, and
have been thoroughly happy to date (about 98%).  I do still keep a M$
box in the house, though, since there are some annoying (albeit minor)

What remains for me at this point to be in a position to say that I
would _never_ have a reason to see a windoze box again are the

(1) Printer.  I would prefer an all-in-one, but a printer.  I don't mind
configuring and loading drivers, but something that works consistently.

(2) My Logitech web cam (Pro3000).  Ubuntu recognizes it as a usb
device, but that's about it.

(3) Sound.  For some reason, I get different symptoms on different
systems.  The laptop works sometimes with flash, others not.  The
desktop doesn't work at all with flash.  There are times using skype on
the laptop that the sound just quits, necessitating a restart of Gnome.
Sound on the desktop in skype is non-existent.

(4) My laptop has ipw2100 wireless.  I travelled to 5 different cities
over the last 6 months, and, after a bit of configuring with eth1, it
worked fine in most of those locations, including airports.  However, at
home - it always recognizes the network but never signs on.

If anyone can help dissect these issues, I'd really appreciate it.  I've
learned so much about Ubuntu from this list, and have tried to share
that information with others on the list, but these few remaining items
really have me a bit stumped...

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