Possible to remove peter at gizmoman.net from users list Was: The "peter at gizmoman.net" dilemma

Carsten Aulbert carsten at welcomes-you.com
Thu Jan 4 13:20:24 UTC 2007

David Hart wrote:

> Take a look at the (forged) headers of the messages and you'll see that
> they don't go through Ubunutu servers so there's nothing (directly) that
> the list admins can do about it.

In principle you're right, but I meant to ask that one of the owners
should have a look through the list of people receiving ubuntu-users and
try to find the email address which is related to these emails.

The notification itself is not going through the ubuntu servers since
it's directly addressed to the senders (otherwise mailman would have
detected the mail loop quite easily). If no-one on the subscriber list
uses this peter@ address then there is nothing they can do about it, if
there is one, I would like them to remove it from the list.

(right now, I have not gotten and notification for my last two posts,
maybe the "offending" address has already been purged).

> If the messages bother you that much set up a filter to send them to
> /dev/null or, if you have your own receiving MTA, block them there.

I could do that, but I hoped for a solution nearer to the source and not
at the terminal end of the chain - since quite a few already complained
about it.



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