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Jim Richardson wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-11-26 at 12:03 -0500, Matt Price wrote:
>> Hi,
>> for xmas I'm switching our stereo over to an electronic system --
>> probably a combination of an ipod and a linux player.  
>> as part of this project I want to rip all of our cds to mp3 or ogg (if
>> someone has a suggestion ofr an ogg-friendly ipod-replacement?).  I'm
>> doing enough of these that I'd like to have as little user interaction
>> as possible -- just shove in the cd, have it automatically rip to a
>> specifed location, then eject and on to the next one.  has anyone done
>> anything of this kind before?  any suggestions?
>> thanks,
>> matt
> Two suggestions, rip to flac, discspace is cheap, and flac is lossless.
> You can convert to mp3 or whatever for the iPod or whatsit, and almost
> all the players on Ubuntu will happily digest flac files. 
> Second, I use sound juicer for this, it works as you say. Stick in a CD,
> click Extract, and proceed. Grip is nice too, but IMHO, sound juicer has
> finally surpassed it. 
> A nice trick is to use mp3fs to export a flac directory as mp3s of
> whatever bitrate you want. It used maybe 6-10% CPU on my 2.0G PIV box. 
> <>
> <>

    I'm (trying) to do this, too; my only problem is...where do I get a
decent amplifier for the larger speakers?  I used to pay $15 for a
stereo, 10W kit which would do just fine.  But just try to find one of
those, assembled, these days!

    Are you using a wireless (FM Radio) link to the big speakers, or
using an amp?

    (And you're right; SoundJuicer has, at long last, surpassed Grip, it
appears.  The Theogg DVD ripper, if the DVD has no flaws, is similar
"perfect" as well...)

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