ripping several hundred cds?

Jim Richardson warlock at
Wed Jan 3 07:14:12 UTC 2007

On Sun, 2006-11-26 at 12:03 -0500, Matt Price wrote:
> Hi,
> for xmas I'm switching our stereo over to an electronic system --
> probably a combination of an ipod and a linux player.  
> as part of this project I want to rip all of our cds to mp3 or ogg (if
> someone has a suggestion ofr an ogg-friendly ipod-replacement?).  I'm
> doing enough of these that I'd like to have as little user interaction
> as possible -- just shove in the cd, have it automatically rip to a
> specifed location, then eject and on to the next one.  has anyone done
> anything of this kind before?  any suggestions?
> thanks,
> matt

Two suggestions, rip to flac, discspace is cheap, and flac is lossless.
You can convert to mp3 or whatever for the iPod or whatsit, and almost
all the players on Ubuntu will happily digest flac files. 

Second, I use sound juicer for this, it works as you say. Stick in a CD,
click Extract, and proceed. Grip is nice too, but IMHO, sound juicer has
finally surpassed it. 

A nice trick is to use mp3fs to export a flac directory as mp3s of
whatever bitrate you want. It used maybe 6-10% CPU on my 2.0G PIV box. 


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