ripping several hundred cds?

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Wed Jan 3 11:08:24 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-01-03 at 04:56 -0600, Brian Fahrlander wrote:

>     I'm (trying) to do this, too; my only problem is...where do I get a
> decent amplifier for the larger speakers?  I used to pay $15 for a
> stereo, 10W kit which would do just fine.  But just try to find one of
> those, assembled, these days!


I don't know how much of an audiophile you are, but I've found that a
good set of multimedia speakers for a PC can fill a room with fine
sounding sound. To be sure, it ain't MacIntosh (sp?) plus Klipsch
speakers, but for decent sound from an unobtrusive set of speakers (I
call 'em spouse-pleasers), multimedia speakers from Cambridge Soundworks
or rough equivalent are hard to beat...

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