Volume naming issue

Brandon Blackwell ubuntunews at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 1 21:29:54 UTC 2007

I have my laptop dual booted with xp and ubuntu so I
have a fat32 
partition that I share files on. I had it set up where
when I boot up it 
mounts the fat32 partition under /media/share and it
puts the icon on 
the desktop that says share. I even had a custom icon
for it instead of 
the default harddrive icon. Today, when I turned my
computer on it 
mounted the fat32 but it gave it a name that looks
like a bunch of 
binary in square boxes and I no longer have my icon
but the default. Is 
there a way to fix it back to how it was or rename the
volume that is 
popping up now back to share? If I go to /media/share
it is the drive 
but the name at the top is all the binary stuff. I
deleted the entry 
from fstab and rebooted, put it back in, rebooted, and
it still comes up 
with the binary stuff again.


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