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ben darby ben at cvrse.com
Mon Jan 1 22:25:07 UTC 2007

* Colin Brace wrote:
> On 12/31/06, ben darby <ben at cvrse.com> wrote:
> > personally i use rollernet[1] who provide free backup MX, with spam
> > filtering you can control, and have it always have the MX set as i see
> > it pointless to have it only on when im away for extended periods as
> > even when im here i cant be 100% sure that the outside world can connect
> > to my server 100% of the time it tries if only for a few minutes
> Thanksl for the tip. How have you set things up? Does your MUA poll
> the backup server for mail or do you have it fetched in some other
> way?

you can poll the server to release your queue however by default this server
will continue to try contact your server for 3 weeks to deliver your mail. 
as of this morning i've just recieved an email from rollernet that they are
no longer offering the free service, however i'll probably stay with them as
their offer, even as a free service was better than most paid ones.

ben darby
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