How to avoid the Apple tax?

Steve Lamb grey at
Thu Aug 30 07:01:29 UTC 2007

Mario Vukelic wrote:
> It is called "Microsoft Tax" because (at least in some places and for
> certain consumer types) it is nearly impossible to buy any personal
> computer without paying for Windows, even if you don't need it.

> In contrast, it is very simple to buy a personal computer without paying
> for MacOS, hence there is no Apple Tax.

     Sorry, nope.  You're mixing terms.  It is very hard to by a new PC, which
is a specific term and not the general "personal computer" you are using, 
without Windows preinstalled.  By the same token it is impossible to buy a new 
Mac without Apple preloading OSX on it.

     Now, if you use the generic term of "personal computer" then yes, you can 
buy *used* PC or Mac hardware and get them without an OS installed.  However 
there is only one of the two where you can find some vendors which will give 
you free alternatives on the OS.  And Mac ain't it.  You want to avoid the 
Windows Tax, buy a Dell (or any number of minor vendors) with Ubuntu (or 
favorite Distro) installed.  Want a Mac without OSX, won't happen.

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