How to avoid the Apple tax?

Steve Lamb grey at
Thu Aug 30 06:55:28 UTC 2007

Derek Broughton wrote:
> Ludicrous.  Apple is not in the OS market.  They provide an OS for their
> hardware.

     Er, say what now?  This might have been true about a decade ago along 
with the notion that Macs were superior at graphics processing and what not 
but lets be realistic, Apple is not designing the hardware.  Intel is.  nVidia 
is.  Modern Macs have become more and more commodity as time goes by.  The 
only thing Apple does is pick a narrow subset of commodity hardware, deem it 
"a Mac" and then program the OS to fit that narrow standard.  However that 
very same hardware is often used in a PC, so much so that people can easily 
plop XP or Vista on a newer Mac without a hitch.

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